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7 Reasons to Hire a Coach

Today, Executive Coaching is a billion dollar industry. Executives who are going somewhere in their careers are the ones who hire an Executive Coach. In days past, executives who hired an Executive Coach were looked down upon as ones that were on their way out. Today, executives who use the services provided by professional Executive Coaches are looked upon as ones who are on their way up.

There are many reasons that have helped raise the profile of the executive coaching industry -as more and more executives understand the necessity of having a coach.

Just like a sports coach is a necessity for every athlete, an Executive Coach is a necessity for every leader or senior executive.


Here are seven reasons executives hire Executive coaches.

1. You are looking to achieve significant results, solve a pressing challenge, and/or take advantage of a major opportunity.

2. You are looking for a credible, engaging, knowledgeable and experienced advisor.

3. You are willing to, and are expecting to, be held accountable for your results.

4. You are comfortable with an outside perspective, and are willing to take calculated risks to advance your company and career.

5. You are an “early adopter” and comfortable “pushing the boundaries” of technology, business development and personal performance.

6. You are willing to answer tough, challenging questions about your performance and the performance of you company, division or department, and are willing to do your own work, conduct your own research and implement new tactics and strategies.

7. You are a visionary, with the need and desire to leave a lasting legacy for your company, colleagues … and your career. Simply put, executive coaching can help meet needs and desires in each of these areas by providing content, processes, mindset and attitudes to help successful leaders improve and sustain results.

Since you are a successful leader/executive dealing with massive responsibility, having the ability to leverage constraint areas or need within a short, measurable period of time is essential for the success of the coaching process.

However, the success of this step-by-step methodology is seen in the thousands of successful executives who have leveraged their skill sets and companies through the coaching process. The success of our company and the success of coaching as a category rests on these measurable results that can be replicated again and again.

It is important to understand your own perspective and situation and why it would benefit you to hire a coach to improve and accelerate your own level of performance