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Business Performance Testimonials

I thought I was doing well on my own but I realized how much better things can be...

“ActionCOACH is awesome!!!  I thought I was doing well on my own, but I realized how much better things can be by implementing a few strategies.”  Joe Cerda, Pinnacle Glass & Mirror, Alpharetta, GA

Doubled our sales...

“It’s been a pleasure working with ActionCOACH.  I’ve seen our sales double, we’ve built a strong administrative team & this year we are building a sales team.  We are set to double our sales again in 2015.  Thanks for the coaching support.”  Zett Quinn, Quality Craftsman, Marietta, GA

’I've been able to accomplish things that I never would have thought were possible...

“Jeff: I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for the tremendous level of dedication and service that you have provided since March of this year. I must admit, initially I was like other business owners who questioned the impact that a coach could have on their business. Despite my apprehensions, I was desperate – working an average of 15 hours per day “IN” my business, haphazardly spending money on various marketing approaches without ever tracking the results, while never having a clear vision of where my company was headed.

Since coming aboard as my coach, you have guided and challenged me to address the major issues of my business in a well thought-out approach. I was totally unaware of how much time I was spending doing the work that I was paying others to do. Through the application of your advice and recommendations, I’ve been able to accomplish things that I never would have thought were possible such as: hire a bookkeeper, significantly reduce accounts receivable, reduce my working hours to 30 per week, and launch my first television commercial.

As I watch many of my competitors close their doors due to lack of sales, just this past month, we reached the highest monthly sales volume that the company has ever achieved in the past 25 years of experience! This goes to show that with the right coach, any business can thrive even in tough economic times.

Even as I type this letter, I am amazed at all that has been accomplished in such a short period of time. I am extremely optimistic about all the wonderful things that are on the horizon for my company, and I look forward to working with you as you as you help me maneuver through the obstacles of entrepreneurship. Again, you have added unmatched value to my company while helping me to develop into a stronger leader. Thanks for all you have done and will do!

Jeff is a must have for any business owner who needs to create a solid business plan that will deliver results!” Henry Jackson III, Minuteman Press, Marietta, GA

I no longer work more than 40 hours/ week.

“Like everyone else, I felt my company was unique. No one could do what I do as well as me. Everyone I hired just didn’t get it. So I worked 80+ hours a week. And my sales peaked at what I personally could deliver. When I found out my health would not allow me to continue at that pace, I needed to make a change, or have life do it for me. This is when you came into my life.

My company’s sales cycle is unique. We provide Government Lottery Audit Software. Sales take 6 months from beginning to end and a contract lasts – 5 – 10 years. So a lot of the sales cycle information you provided didn’t really apply to us. No matter. I needed help with my time and product delivery.

After 2 years the results? I no longer work more than 40 hours/ week. I only work “in the business” in the marketing area – 8 hours a week – max. I no longer deliver or support our products. I have selected a successor and I am beginning the process of grooming that person. I am more involved in areas outside my business and my wife and I are starting a non-profit. My 12th grade aptitude test returned the job – “inventor”. I am finally getting the opportunity to exercise that gift – looking at new ways to solve problems and grow the company.

This letter hardly allows me to express the gratitude for the changes you have made in my life – with those changes cascading into my employees’ lives. So I’ll just say thank you.” Len Simonis, CEO, Elsym Consulting

Profit per employee is up and employee morale is at its highest.

Approximately one year ago we began coaching with our ActionCOACH. Our top objective was to put into place a succession plan and to coach my two sons and my “right hand man” to run the company in my absence. Overall, our business has made a 180-degree turn. • Net Margin as increased from 1% to 9%. • We have a documented procedures and contingency plan. • Our Key Performance Indicators constantly show improvement. • Profit per employee is up and employee morale is at its highest. Most of all, my wife and I have…peace of mind that our “boys” can take our business to a new level of profitability in the future, thereby securing jobs for our + 50 employees and their families.” EMeory Young, Owner, Brunswick, GA